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The Sacred Glance came to me on one beautiful day at the beach. Since then it has impacted my life with a grace and sense of beauty that is hard to describe, but which I know to be a wonderful breakthrough for myself and others.

The purpose of The Sacred Glance is to ‘clear the air’ and renew a very special master paradigm that will enable you to create fundamental changes in your underlying assumptions about your reality (without the need for trauma to radically direct you onto a different path), and bring you the flexibility to both easily absorb and develop new paradigms for your existence.

Recovering the purity of this awakening master paradigm makes anything possible. This master paradigm – of unconditional love as an aesthetic pulsing of beauty and gratitude is your ultimate power and ultimate freedom.

“Expansion in love is an action that is available to every being in the universe all the time. A willing awareness will take us to heaven, a loving attitude will make us free. Nothing else controls our fate. Good or bad behavior is secondary. Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are thinking, love yourself for thinking it. Love is the only dimension that needs to be changed. If you are not sure how it feels to be loving, love yourself for not being sure of how it feels. There is nothing on earth more important than the love which conscious beings feel towards each other, whether or not it is ever expressed.” – Thaddeus Golas, ‘The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment’, 1972

The Sacred Glance workshop is presently available for ReUnion facilitators on Sunday February 24, March 31, and April 28. The PDF of the course will be sent to ReUnion facilitators unable to attend the workshop, beginning at the end of March.

For non facilitators, the workshop will be available beginning in May. Email me at peterscupham@comcast.net if you are interested.


Guest post

This is a wonderful posting from Cameron Von St. James ….

shine on by Michael Rubini

“How my Family Stuck Together During a Cancer Diagnosis

My wife, Heather, has mentioned to me several times that she cannot imagine what I went through as her husband and caregiver after she was diagnosed with cancer. I hope that by sharing my story here, I can help shed more light on what its like to be a caregiver for a loved one with cancer.

Our first and only child, Lily, a beautiful little girl, was born just three months before Heather was diagnosed.  Our lives were filled with the excitement and joy that comes with being new parents.  We were optimistic and hopeful about what the future would bring for our new little family.  But just three months later, all of that happiness would be stripped away from us in an instant.  Heather’s fatigue and shortness of breath, symptoms which we chalked up to the stresses of being new parents, continued to get worse, and a few doctors visits later we were given the terrible news: my wife had mesothelioma.

You can imagine that I was overwhelmed, and on the verge of a breakdown. I couldn’t imagine how we would never get through it. When we were questioned about my wife’s future medical choices and treatment options, I quickly was brought back to reality. It would be the first of many times over the coming months that we would be forced to make impossible decisions in the face of emotional turmoil.

I was filled with anger, fear, and rage, and I often used profanity because I was so upset.  Angry outbursts at others were commonplace for me, and I couldn’t help but lash out in an attempt to vent my feelings. Over time, I learned to control my emotions because I needed to be strong for my daughter and wife.  I realized that my anger and fear were not helping the situation in the least, and my wife needed me to be strong. From that point on, I did my very best to be a stable, strong source of hope and optimism for my family.

After Heather’s diagnosis, I inherited a whole new list of responsibilities as her caregiver. My to-do list seemed never-ending, and it contained items such as caring for our daughter, caring for pets and also arranging work and travel, medical appointments, taking care of our home, etc. Even though I tried to prioritize, I was still overwhelmed on a daily basis.  I began to realize that I could not do everything on my own, and I had to begin accepting the many offers of help and support that were coming to us from our loving friends and family. Without the help of these people, I don’t know how I would have ever made it through this time.

There was a two-month period following her cancer surgery that was especially difficult for me.  Heather underwent a highly invasive mesothelioma surgery in Boston, and we sent Lily to stay with Heather’s parents in South Dakota during the operation. As soon as she was well enough to travel, Heather left Boston to join Lily at her parents’ house. She was preparing for the next phase her treatment, and needed constant care during her recovery.  I had to work full time to keep a roof over our heads, so I could not provide Heather with the care that she needed.  We made the very difficult decision to be apart for the next two months while she recovered, and in those entire two months apart I was able to see my family only once.

One Friday after work, I drove 11 hours to see Heather and Lily. A late season snowstorm tried to prevent me from getting there, and I had to stop for a few hours and sleep on the side of the road while the plows did their best to clear a path. I finally got there on Saturday morning, and was able to spend a wonderful day and a half with them before driving another 11 hours to be back to work on Monday. This time was treasured because being away from them was difficult. I don’t look back on the experience with regret, but I recognized that cancer forced us to make difficult decisions.

I learned a lot during this time period. I learned to remain optimistic despite the overwhelming odds.  I learned to prioritize and, I learned how to ask for and accept help from others in a time of need.  Finally, I learned to never regret the tough decisions that cancer forced us to make.  Rather, we learned to take comfort in these decisions, no matter how difficult, as they gave us some level of control over a situation that oftentimes seemed completely beyond our control. Even though the odds were against her, Heather is still alive and healthy. I hope that by sharing our story, we can inspire hope in others currently battling cancer today. “

Glowing in the Dark 3

Little update: Just finished 4th chemo (2 more to go) and doing well! There have been some rough spots here and there, but when I get past them I feel even better! Thank you so many of you who have been sending healing my way. You make me happy.

Over the course of my chemos, I’ve come to realize (or should I say that I’m being lightly taught) that our only joy, our ultimate power and our greatest gift in this universe is to see the beauty, feel the gratitude and love with all your heart.

It’s the easiest and most precious path to awakening. It is the key to healing.

Love to you all!


Glowing in the dark

May 13

Second chemo down, and everything’s bursting with possibility! Under the soft rain that is blessing this area today, I feel already healed, and yet so much more …. my heart is opening vividly – I am visited by dear souls – I simply love everyone – and I am falling in love with God.
For all of you who have been doing sessions for me, or simply hoping for me – I thank you with every part of my soul. You are so treasured!
My own daily sessions continue to engage me in an ascending spiral of wonder – I know that, beyond all this, that the work we know as ReUnion will continue to grow and be full of light – it’s sprouting those wings right now!
I am now ready to do sessions on others, so if you’d like a session just let me know.
What else can I say but this wonderful adventure on the edge has changed my life utterly! And in the deep mystery of all this, I know for sure that ahead of all of us is living Grace and living miracles:)
Love and amazement,
Start the day with love
Spend the day with love
Fill the day with love
End the day with love
This is the way
This is the way
This is the way

May 5

Well, the hair’s off and I feel magnificent! Thought I’d drop a line to all of you and fill in some of blank spaces for you. I have felt such outpourings of support from all of you – sessions, prayers, hopes and big flames of love. It’s magical!

At a physical level, on Friday I3th I was diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma – a large growth in my chest that was beginning to strangle the major artery coming from my head into my heart. What followed was an amazing journey through nuclear medicine – CATscans, biopsies, PETscans, MUGA (three dimensional heart inspection), and finally my first chemotherapy session (of a planned six).
Other than my hair falling out, I’ve had no other physical side effects from the chemo. I truly feel blessed!
I cannot say enough in praise of Northside hospital – the speed and beauty of the environment, its incredibly loving and dedicated staff – and for the Kaiser doctors who were at my side immediately. The knowledge base at their disposal is immense!

But for me, the inner journey of this has become mind and heart blowingly beautiful! Lovely Rosa has been giving me sessions every day since day one. Her skill and empathic power and my total vulnerability together have created sessions I did not think were possible – extraordinary voyages into the very heart of me! I know now how and why this happened. I now know who I am and what I am meant to do. I now know that this work is doing something that has never been done before, and that its evolution through each of you is accelerating. How fortunate can any one man be!

There’s a song prayer by Leonard Cohen that seems so right at this moment…

If it be your will
That a voice be true
From this broken hill
I will sing to you
From this broken hill
All your praises
They shall ring
If it be your will
To let me sing

Beth and our kids have been wonderful, the house is full of love and tender joy. In about three weeks I’d like to hold a special afternoon pie meeting for any facilitator who would like to attend and share in this momentum. Probably on a Sunday afternoon. Will keep you posted.

Apparently I am soon to lose all my body hair, eyebrows and all – and I’ll be as naked as the day I rode this body into this world! What real fun this is!

All my love,

April 23


My dear and beautiful friends, a quick little note to tell you all how much I love you.

At this moment in time and space I feel so very blessed. This illness, that can so easily take life, has instead given me life. All the dots of dark and light in my existence are coming together and connecting into what I can only call fearless beauty. It is a magical alchemy!

I hope to swing back into action a week from today. Physically, I have had no unpleasant side effects from the chemo, eating enough for 2 people, breathing the energy, ascending.

In a few days, I I will put together a more informative e-mail. Meanwhile, I want to thank you so very very much for all the lovely messages that have been sent to me, for all the sessions done for me, for all those who have prayed for me.

The world is glistening, and we are making miracles together:)


This week, a long-term self-doubt has been befuddling our clear perception of Grace’s action in our lives. And now our ancestors ask us to clear this feeling that nothing can change or that ‘it will always be this way’.

They indicate that we have been boxed in by a rigid belief that ‘It’s not going to work’. As a result, our ability to accept that which would nourish or fulfill us the most has been restricted and we have actually been calling down harm and invalidation into ourselves because of this.

At the root of this is an inherited implant on the top of our heads that has been ‘shorting out’ our creative strength by unbalancing us with a sense of inferiority, deterioration and anxiety. This has been nullifying our true power and making us unable to uphold our true freedom.

Because of this implant, our sense of limitation has been further reinforced by the way we keep feeling ourselves to be unsuccessful, our outlook on the world darkened by a loss of trust in our power to create change.

Above all, there has been a painful sense of being unable to be heard by Grace or to have a clear awareness of the divine’s loving intention toward us.

In processing this implant out over the next few days, this cynicism and distrust shall become a sweet delight in all that is to come. Once this is understood, our courage as free beings will compassionately and bravely embrace the greatness of life!

“I cannot give you God, I cannot give you truth, I cannot give you your inner core, but I can take all the rubbish that has been heaped upon you. And once that rubbish is removed, God starts becoming alive in you. Once all the obstacles are removed, the spring of your life starts flowing, the innocence is regained. Innocence regained is paradise regained.” – Osho


During the past week, many of us may have been feeling caught in a dark and fearful sensation that we are forever condemned to fail or that we are unable to clearly trust in our vision of what we want to be going on in our life.

We may have found that our inner vision for the future is being invaded by negation and the sense of our freedom being limited.

Today’s session indicates that there has been a dark self-sabotage in us that has been creating despair in the face of the truth that is reshaping our life. For some, this has taken the form of feeling that our transformative actions are being suppressed by a sense of inner unworthiness.

The awakened beings with us are asking us to transform this powerlessness and despair into a more confident and joyful mastery of our path ahead, and that instead of diminishing our inner vastness by projecting bewilderment into ourselves, we can indeed courageously shape our world.

Ancestrally, our sense of weakness, ineffectiveness or deterioration is being harshly thrust into us by an inherited trauma code that has been haunting many of us with an exhausting inner conflict between material circumstances and our inner needs.

Holding this trauma code in place within us has been an inherited implant that has been suffocating our clarity, vitality and trust in what is to come by planting our outlook with a narrow or negating perspective and shrinking our sense of the possibilities open to us.

Unfortunately, the awakened beings point out that the truth about our inner world and the power that is there is being compromised by our inappropriately believing that in order to be respected by our group, family or partner, we must have greater “spiritual ability’. This hubris in us is in direct conflict with the forces in our culture, family, religion or other group that urge us to vacate our sense of certainty and confidence. Many of us have thus been absorbing group or family fears and letting them dismantle our sense of being able to change, heal or to be hopeful about our ambitions.

In clearing this root implant in all of us over the next few days, we will each rediscover in our own way a delight in the possibilities before us, and allow ourselves to boldly open to the presence of love and fulfillment in our lives.

“Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry — all forms of fear — are caused by too much future, and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of nonforgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence.” – Eckhart Tolle

Many of us at this time may be feeling caught in the fearful sensation that we are forever condemned to fail.

We have become confused by our apparent need for suffering and failure.

Our ancestors indicate that this is commonly based on a past death of, or abandonment by, a parent, partner or other loved that is still hurting us, and that this aggrieved perspective or shame we are holding onto needs to be relinquished and replaced.

By finding ourselves unable to let go of a past perspective that is deteriorating our optimism and strength, we also become vulnerable to the pall of others’ covert agendas or their disapproval and we end up allowing them to color our hearts with the fear of betrayal or loss.

The outer pretense that we may feel compelled to present to others as representing our ‘self’ becomes inwardly toxic to us, and leads us into not taking into account the depth and power of the divine’s overarching love for us.

With this unreleased memory still within us, there is increasing tension within us of feeling unable to trust in the divine’s love. As this repeats through our various frustrations, we eventually lose confidence in our power to manifest at all, unable to believe in the positive inflows we had been hoping for.

Our ancestors tell us that at the root of this condition is an inherited implant that gnaws at us with a sense of heaviness, rejection or giving up. Located at the bottom of the spine, it births inner attacks on our confidence, weakening our hopes and the power of our faith.

And with this implant in activation, our intuition becomes more and more diminished.

This week, as this ancestral implant resolves within us, feel the warmth at the base of your spine, and let us begin to allow ourselves to be honored and enthralled by Grace’s forgiving love.to feel our true and playful grandeur

So may each of us this week begin again to feel our true and playful grandeur, and open to the future with trusting optimism and the boldness to be truly free!

“If you do not transform your pain, you will always transmit it.” – Richard Rohr